Saturday, January 8, 2011

When 1.4 Billion People are just Chaff!

He committed a heinous act of terrorism. Yet the news is really quiet about it. Almost like it never happened. Why? Because he's not a Muslim of course. I really feel saddened when I see Muslims bragging about how there are over 1.4 billion of us on Earth. That number is actually a manifestation of the prediction of the Holy Prophet of Islam. 

"A time will come when you will be the most persecuted of nations on Earth. He was asked, are we going to be few in number at that time? He replied, no. On the contrary, you're going to be of a very significant number, but will be like the chaff on the surface of water..."

What happened in the US, if it had been committed by a Muslim, he would have been immediately called a terrorist by gutter media houses like CNN, and would be accused of trying to establish Sharia law. As if Sharia and the word law had different meanings. But what do we see. Deafening silence about his religion. We are told he might be mentally deranged. Fine, but how sure are we that all those 'Muslims' who allegedly carried out or plotted to carry out "acts of terror" are also not mentally deranged? 

For Muslims to be so lax in their religion to the extent of having Islam associated with very foolish accolades like "terror", is really saddening. But I blame non other than Muslims. If we ourselves are shy of our religion, strive to conform to really silly stereo typing by western governments, then we are really chaff.

I know of a lot of Muslims who know more about the English premier league than they do about Islam. They can sing you every single line of Jay z or any other rapper's song, but will really struggle to read the 30th part of the Quran. How then do you expect Islam to be respected? When we ourselves know very little of this civilisation that transformed nomadic savages in the Arabian deserts into the best of men (in just 23 years!) who ever walked this Earth and carved out the biggest empire known to man?

So many Muslims today take their Islamic education from so called 'Islamic experts' in western universities, from media houses like CNN and other places. You cannot know anything about Islam from those sources. Rather than spend precious time watching very stupid programs on TV and Youtube, we should spend time learning the very basics of Islam that at least we can use to defend the Deen, intellectually of course: I don't ever encourage the use of violence, more on that in my next post.

Let us stop basking in our past glory. Let us stop wasting time trying to be accepted as "moderate Muslims" and rather struggle to be the best of people as God Almighty says

"You are the best of nations to ever come out of mankind..."

We cannot realize this without learning, actively seeking knowledge from the right sources, and applying that knowledge in our day to day lives. Until we do that, we'd be the 1.4 billion people that are just chaff on the surface of the water.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Your Prayer, Your neighbor and the Microphone

If there is one thing that causes me so much anguish anytime I enter into most mosques, it is their wanton use of the microphone and amplifiers. The reason given for this innovation (anything that is ultra vires Islamic Laws is called Bid'ah translated as such) is that to amplify the Imaam's verbal utterances during the prayers.

To say the use of the mic and the amplifiers is alien to the spirit of the prayer is an understatement. Islam is a religion of ease, peace and mutual respect. Most of the time you see these Imaams clinching to these microphones like it is a matter of life and death, shouting into them and making unwarranted noise. If the noise was limited to them alone, I'd not be worried. 

Most of these mosques are situated in areas not inhabited only by Muslims but also non-Muslims alike. Has it occurred to users of these needless noise making gadgets that they are making life unbearable for their neighbors? How can we reconcile disturbing others and saying we are praying at the same time? Our prayers should be a source of peace and tranquility not only to us but also to all those around us.

The moment our prayers begin to digress from that noble goal, then there is a problem. What makes matters worse is that most of the time these mosques have no more than 3 lines (Saff) of people praying on a typical day. What then is the justification for so much noise when everybody IN the mosque can hear the Imaan loud and clear without a gadget? 

The excuse that the microphone and amplifiers are used to summon people to prayer is also hogwash. Islam is 1431 years old, when were these gizmos invented? All that while what were our predecessors using to call people to prayer? The use of these gadgets that turn the mosques into noise factories are no doubt Haram (prohibited in no uncertain terms) and should be condemned by all of us.

Our prayers and entire existence should be in themselves callers to our Deen (way of Islam), not the other way round. If you pray in a mosque that has been turned into a noise factory, you owe it a duty to Islam and Allah, Exalted Be He to talk some reasoning into those who use it. Islam is peace, and making life needlessly uncomfortable for our neighbors should not be part of our culture.

Oh America, I Thought You Were Wiser Than That!

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

Those are not my words but a verbatim reproduction of the religious aspects of the first amendment to the US constitution. If there is one thing that has become manifestly clear in the last couple of weeks, it is that the above dictum of the law is subject to the interpretation of the politicians.

You see for sometime, I always saw the American society as an advanced, knowledgeable society that has contributed a lot- especially in the technological realm- to the advancement of mankind. But alas, this perception has been proved to be mostly wrong in the light of the on going brouhaha over the sighting of a Muslim Cultural Center near the twin towers, or where they used to stand. Now I am beginning to believe it is the most intolerant, backward, marauding, hostile, antiquated society out there!

The only reason those opposing this project give is that it is an insensitivity to the victims of the September 11th attacks in 2001. Just that? Yes. You might want to ask Sarah Palin and a bunch from the Republican Party. This excuse alone is in itself an insult to the hundreds of thousands of mothers, brothers, sisters, fathers and sons who are still mourning their loved ones who have been killed because the USA illegally, immorally, criminally and unjustifiably invaded Iraq, at the behest of a war monger.

What is more insensitive than use false evidence to invade a whole country, disgrace and then murder its head of state, open a Pandora box of extremely violent sociopaths who distort religion for their political gains, and not even offer an apology? Those who were behind such incomprehensible crimes are actually talking about insensitivity? 

In as much as I vehemently condemn the evil acts of 9/11, I find it very insulting, personally as a Muslim for none other than people from the Republican Party to actually say the project is an insensitivity to others. If for anything at all, the very law that they seek to defend, guarantees Muslims in America the right to own property just as the next guy. 

Not only people from that party, but also some from the ruling Democratic party have voiced similarly hollow and foolish opposition. Some have even said Obama is a Muslim, which in itself has raised a hail storm of protests among some dumb Joes. My message to you America is simple.

Live by the very constitution and tenets you shove down the throats of other countries. Let there be a government that answers to the people, not some corporate run gang that answers to a few shareholders. Educate your mostly  Average Joes to know that Islam is not equal to Evil. Know that you cannot fight Islam. 

You have been trying for about 20 years now to fight Islam and you keep failing, and will forever fail. No person, group, organization, country, army or whatever can fight Islam. For the 1431 years that Islam has been in existence, there have been all sorts of attempts to "kill" it, all failed. Not you America, can extinguish the Light of Islam. You can kill all the 6 million Muslims in America and Islam will still persist there. Islam is nothing more than a civilization that has nothing against you. 

There are 1.3 billion of us who are mourning every single one of the innocent people that your marauding, hegemonic acts kill. Do not try to worsen our plight by making it glaringly clear that you want a war with us. Do not stupidly play into the hands of the so called "terrorists" that you have on your endless wanted list.
Oh America, should you nuke all of us Muslims on Earth, know that Islam will still not die for we are not its defenders. Its defender is the One Being that you spend billions of Dollars in your effort to deny His existence. Oh America, you cannot fight Islam, it is a war you cannot win. All you are doing is a declaration of war against Islam, telling the world Islam is not welcome in your country. Oh America, you cannot fight Islam, don't even waste your time.