Saturday, January 8, 2011

When 1.4 Billion People are just Chaff!

He committed a heinous act of terrorism. Yet the news is really quiet about it. Almost like it never happened. Why? Because he's not a Muslim of course. I really feel saddened when I see Muslims bragging about how there are over 1.4 billion of us on Earth. That number is actually a manifestation of the prediction of the Holy Prophet of Islam. 

"A time will come when you will be the most persecuted of nations on Earth. He was asked, are we going to be few in number at that time? He replied, no. On the contrary, you're going to be of a very significant number, but will be like the chaff on the surface of water..."

What happened in the US, if it had been committed by a Muslim, he would have been immediately called a terrorist by gutter media houses like CNN, and would be accused of trying to establish Sharia law. As if Sharia and the word law had different meanings. But what do we see. Deafening silence about his religion. We are told he might be mentally deranged. Fine, but how sure are we that all those 'Muslims' who allegedly carried out or plotted to carry out "acts of terror" are also not mentally deranged? 

For Muslims to be so lax in their religion to the extent of having Islam associated with very foolish accolades like "terror", is really saddening. But I blame non other than Muslims. If we ourselves are shy of our religion, strive to conform to really silly stereo typing by western governments, then we are really chaff.

I know of a lot of Muslims who know more about the English premier league than they do about Islam. They can sing you every single line of Jay z or any other rapper's song, but will really struggle to read the 30th part of the Quran. How then do you expect Islam to be respected? When we ourselves know very little of this civilisation that transformed nomadic savages in the Arabian deserts into the best of men (in just 23 years!) who ever walked this Earth and carved out the biggest empire known to man?

So many Muslims today take their Islamic education from so called 'Islamic experts' in western universities, from media houses like CNN and other places. You cannot know anything about Islam from those sources. Rather than spend precious time watching very stupid programs on TV and Youtube, we should spend time learning the very basics of Islam that at least we can use to defend the Deen, intellectually of course: I don't ever encourage the use of violence, more on that in my next post.

Let us stop basking in our past glory. Let us stop wasting time trying to be accepted as "moderate Muslims" and rather struggle to be the best of people as God Almighty says

"You are the best of nations to ever come out of mankind..."

We cannot realize this without learning, actively seeking knowledge from the right sources, and applying that knowledge in our day to day lives. Until we do that, we'd be the 1.4 billion people that are just chaff on the surface of the water.

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